Center Pole Rectangular 8' x 12' Ocean Master Autoscope Umbrella, Oyster Canopy with Polished Aluminum Pole

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Ocean Master M1 Classic Autoscope 8x12 Rectangular Umbrella

The Ocean Master MAX classic umbrella offers expansive shade, profound strength, and reinforced shade skins all while maintaining its traditional yet minimalistic design. Classic European tailoring paired with the innovative “V-MAX”™ Strut Design makes the Ocean Master MAX Classic umbrella perfect for luxurious beachfront properties. 

Armor-Wall Frame Construction 8' x 12' / 2.45 x 3.65m Rectangle Full Umbrella 

Canopy Fabric: SB6042-D - SB60"9oz - Oyster #6042 

Single Wind Vent Vent to Match Canopy Vent: SB6042-D - SB60"9oz - Oyster #6042 Market Cut - Folded 

Frame Finish: Polished Titanium Lift System: "Auto-Loc-Lift" with Telescoping Mast Mast Height: Standard: 89" + 11" Venice Finial

  • Parasol Size: 8x12 ft
  • Parasol Shape: Rectangle
  • Parasol Type: Full Umbrella
  • Top Canopy Fabric SB60"9oz - Oyster #6042
  • Top Vent Fabric: SB60"9oz - Oyster #6042
  • Canopy Profile Market Cut Folded
  • Frame Finish: Polished Titanium
  • Lifting System: Auto-Loc Lift Marine Pulley
  • Finial: Venice Aluminum Finial
  • Mast Height: Standard: 89" + 11"