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Golden Care

Golden Care Teak Cleaner

Clean and restore your weathered teak with Golden Care's Teak Cleaner. This water-based formula is a highly concentrated cleaner and brightener in one. This product will not only clean the wood but also restore it to its original honey brown color. Most...

Golden Care

Golden Care Teak Protector

The Teak Protector is a water-based formula that is non-flammable, solvent free and safe around the home. It maintains the original, golden-brown color of teak and is fast and easy to use. It lasts up to four times longer than teak oil, and, unlike teak...

Golden Care

Golden Care Teak Shield

Naturally water based, Teak Shield, imbues any teak furniture with an almost invisible barrier to food and drink stains. Teak Shield makes cleaning off the table a simple matter, using a damp cloth you can remove all foods and liquids without fear of...


Kingsley Bate Teak Shield

Kingsley Bate's TEAK SHIELD protects wood from food and drink stains. A completely transparent product, TEAK SHIELD makes it difficult for stains from red wine, salad oil, and coffee to penetrate wood, so that fresh spills can be wiped away with a damp...